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What are the Great Features of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro?

As we all know, component architecture stacking was a major problem before the aesthetic design of mobile phones, ordinary stacking process often leads to the appearance level, feel not pass, want extremely excellent industrial aesthetic design, extremely test the process strength of manufacturers. However, when we look back at the history of the HONOR Magic series products, we will find that it has always been leading the aesthetic trend, which also laid the foundation for the order of the HONOR Magic 5 series aesthetic design. For example, the four-curved 4K screen design brought by HONOR Magic, even if it is still in the current trend; HONOR Magic 5's first butterfly five-rail sliding screen structure, led the industry to become the benchmark. In this blog post, we will discuss the configuration of HONOR Magic 5 Pro.


The Configuration of HONOR Magic 5 Pro


The Eye of Muse

The Eye of the Muse is the iconic design of the HONOR Magic series. The "Eye of the Muse, three shots of the star Wheel" of the HONOR Magic 5 series takes the image of the black hole of the galactic center as inspiration, and uses a 3D intelligent copying polishing process to create a delicate and elegant Gaudi arc; Star-wheel three-shot layout, inspired by the galactic center black hole, star-wheel three-shot camera with equilateral triangle arrangement, reflecting the ultimate stable balance. The rear shot is 50MP Wide Camera (f/1.6, OIS), 50MP Ultra Wide Camera (f/2.0), and 50MP Periscope Telephoto Camera, which supports up to 100X digital zoom so that the film rate is greatly improved.



The front side of the fuselage adopts a four-sided micro-curved screen design to achieve the extremely beautiful floating streamlined design. After 170 version adjustments, the optimal visual and holding experience of the micro-arc and four curves are achieved.



The side part makes full use of the direct frame and extreme symmetry to achieve stability and smooth visual transition of the main structure and has a strong straight edge design to make the fuselage thinner.


Reverse Side

The back of the body adopts an integrated curved back cover design, creating a smooth transition curve to achieve the ultimate light and shadow performance, which is visually softer and more comfortable to hold.


Color Matching

In terms of mobile phone color, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro is Meadow Green and Black, simple distribution is more high-end but also has a softer touch.



In terms of CPU, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro is equipped with the new Qualcomm second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, AI energy efficiency has been improved by 60%, and CPU multi-core performance has also made great progress. In addition to the gaming support brought by the powerful hardware system, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro's GPU Turbo X also plays a crucial role. It plays a role in maintaining the stability of the overall operation of the mobile phone and gives users a good sense of experience.



In terms of screen, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro adopts a 6.81-inch screen, supports the second-generation screen concentrating technology, has 1300nits global maximum brightness and 1800nits peak brightness, and has passed the HDR10+, HDR Vivid, IMAX Enhanced, ZREAL frames enjoy quadruple HDR authentication. In the upper left corner of the screen, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera +3D deep sensing camera is installed, and an elliptical opening design is adopted in the upper left corner.


Battery Capacity

The HONOR Magic 5 Pro is equipped with the latest battery technology, which makes the flagship mobile phone battery capacity break through the 5000mAh bottleneck, and supports 66W fast charge. With a battery capacity of 5100mAh without increasing the thickness of the body, it is likely to become the longest-lasting flagship phone.



In general, the HONOR Magic 5 series has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in innovative technology in many aspects such as imaging, communication, screen, and battery life, so that users can have a more extreme enjoyment.