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The Characteristics of New Media Advertising

Nowadays, with the development of new media, new media has become an indispensable part of People's Daily life. The information transmitted by new media, including advertising, has an impact on the audience all the time, covering all parts of life such as food, clothing, housing, entertainment, and work. With the rapid development of The Times and the change in people's living habits, the forms of new media advertising have been changing, and different forms have their own characteristics. In today's era, new media advertising certainly has its own appearance.

In this blog, we’ll discuss that some merits of new media.


Advantages of New Media


The Basic Features of New Media Advertising

The basic technical feature of new media is digitalization, and the basic communication feature is interactivity. New media has a large amount of information, easy to use, fast and convenient retrieval, text, sound, and image, strong interaction, information through the computer network high-speed transmission, information acquisition, transmission, update, and other characteristics, and has computer retrieval function, hypertext function, is a kind of communication media with strong vitality, and has brought profound impact on human society. New media can be transmitted through the Internet at high speed and updated in real-time and can carry out real-time and live reports like radio and television stations, which is obviously superior to traditional communication methods. New media has fast transmission speed and strong timeliness. It is not limited by printing, transportation, distribution, and other factors, and information can be synchronously sent to all users at the moment of surfing the Internet.


Zero Cost Cross-border

New media breakthrough regions have no borders, and the cost of cross-border communication is almost zero. No matter from the perspective of the communicator or the audience, the cost and speed of transnational and local communication of new media advertising on the network are the same. In other words, the spread distance and scope of new media advertising have nothing to do with the cost, which is completely different from traditional media advertising. Although paper media radio and television can theoretically carry out global transmission, the cost of transmission is proportional to the distance of transmission. The new media has completely broken the traditional or physical concept of space, and the network information transmission has realized no obstacles.


Communication Methods and Media are Diverse

New media is a kind of multimedia communication, so new media advertising can realize a variety of different forms of single communication or integrated communication with different communication carriers. It can use any one or several combinations of words, pictures, images, and sounds to carry out communication activities. This kind of multimedia communication combination with stereo effect can more truly reflect the reported object, and bring the user a vivid and vivid feeling.



From the perspective of communication, interactivity is the fundamental characteristic of new media. Many of the new media communication modes are open interactive communication. The communication mode of traditional media is usually one-way, and both receivers cannot carry out two-way communication anytime and anywhere. And the new media can not only one-way communication but also two-way or even multi-directional communication. The information transmission of new media is highly interactive, so new media advertising can attract users to communicate through advertising, improve the transaction completion rate, enhance brand impression, and enhance user stickiness.


Specific Forms of Expression and Their Respective Characteristics

Mobile media is by far the most popular, fastest, most convenient, and mandatory platform among all media forms, and its development space will be huge. There are various forms of advertising on mobile media, mainly concentrated in the app with a large number of users, strong targeting, or strong relevance. Some handset makers also work with advertisers, such as Huawei, to deliver ads with a large user base of customers and APPs. What's more, it begins to cooperate with the appflyer. AppsFlyer privacy cloud can enable different enterprises to achieve secure data interoperability, and the goal is to continue to achieve value and digital experience for users based on cookies and mobile device identifiers. And protect end-user privacy.



New media advertising is the product of emerging technologies. The development of science and technology drives the development of the world, so does advertising, and our life will be more convenient to consume. I believe that one day in the future, a technological breakthrough can bring us a breakthrough in advertising, let's wait and see!