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What are the Advantages of USB-C Charger

When it comes to device interfaces, many people are now familiar with USB and type-c interfaces, although the USB interface is still the choice of many Android phones, type-c interfaces are also becoming more and more common in our lives, especially in the recent few hot mobile phones have chosen type-c interfaces, which also makes type-c more and more people's attention. Many people may not understand the type-c interface, but what is the type-c interface? What's the difference between it and USB? In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of type C.


The Advantages of Type C


Reversible Pluggable

type-c non-directional, as long as the charging line can be inserted into the phone, this advantage may not be highlighted during the day, only in the evening when the card is not seen, to feel the convenience brought by the non-positive interface.


Faster Charging and Data Transfer Standards

The TYPE-C interface is faster than the USB interface. Configure the USB 3.1 version of Type-C, the theoretical data transmission speed can reach 10Gbps, 1 times higher than USB 3.0. In terms of charging, USB 3.1 can carry 5A, introducing a new power supply protocol USB PD, and the power supply capacity reaches an amazing 20V/5A (100W). According to the news released by the USB3.0 technical team, the transmission speed of the next generation type-c connector can reach 10Gbps, and this is still the news announced in 2013, with the reform of technology along the new, 5 years is enough to make type-c technology enter the mature stage, and today's type-c interface, the transmission speed is enough to make people amazing. As long as a high-quality data cable, you can complete fast charging.


Power Supply Capacity

The type-c interface has a strong power supply capability. According to the existing information, the type-c interface with the USB 3.1 specification can perform 100W power output, not only that but also provides two-way charging, that is, provides power for external devices while charging themselves.


Audio Conversion and Interface Conversion

Interface scene, in addition to the above advantages, the type-c interface also has strong scalability, not only can meet the needs of charging but also can input and output audio and video signals, expand to HDMI, VGA, and other audio and video interfaces. Therefore, mobile phones, video, TV, and other screen devices can see its figure and better compatibility. Type-C interface supports digital audio conversion, high-speed data, high-definition video transmission, and multiple devices as a common basis, one line can replace multiple, very convenient and practical.


The Trend of The Times

From now on, the Type-C interface is already the standard interface of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Apple, Samsung, and other major brands' flagship mobile phones, which can be described as promising. Many charger manufacturers are also working on the usb c charger. Like Anker, USB-C is the future of technology, providing fast, efficient, and versatile connectivity. Leading USB-C innovation, Anker is committed to providing us with reliable USB-C chargers as the ultimate charging solution for our devices, they Charge up to 3× faster than conventional USB-A chargers. Step into the world of next-generation charging technology and together Anker is shaping a powerful tomorrow!



Type-c is an interface Type that can be applied to both a PC (master device) and an external device (slave device, such as a mobile phone), which is epoch-making. Although the cost of a type-c interface is high, many manufacturers choose to give up such an interface in the face of such costs. However, with the blessing of these advantages, type-c interfaces will certainly become the mainstream in the future.